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A series of prizes and awards were distributed at Nanometa 2024

Nanophotonics Student Prizes:

A poster competition sponsored by Walter de Gruyter GmbH Nanophotonics peer-reviewed open access journal, ( was organised to award the best posters presented by research students. The prizes were awarded on the Closing Ceremony on Saturday 6 January 2024.

1st Prize: € 400.-, Poster #43
Lin Nan, LMU Munich, Germany
CMOS compatible surface phonon polariton mediated mid-IR nanophotonics in free-standing SiC membranes

2nd Prize: € 250.-, Poster # 11
Armin Feist, MPI Göttingen, Germany
Coulomb-correlated few-electron states generated by nanotip photoemission

3rd Prize: 150 EUR, Poster #7
Sven Ebel, University of Southern Denmark, Odense, and University of Kiel, Germany
Shaping free electron wavepackets with structured light


EPS-QEOD Travel Grant Student Awards (TGSA):

Three EPS-­QEOD  Travel  Grant  Student  Awards were distributed during Nanometa 2024.


Poster #4
Jonas Herbig, University of Stuttgart, Germany
Dynamic beam switching device up to 26∘ using micrometersized switchable plasmonic metallic polymers

Poster #23
Lina Jäckering, RWTH Aachen, Hyperlens enabled defect imaging in hexagonal Boron Nitride- covered Trilayer graphene

Poster #19
Yohan Lee, University of Stuttgart and Seoul National University, South Korea
Active Metasurfaces for Full Color Switching based on Inorganic Electrochromism


EPS-QEOD Travel Grant Student Awards (TGSA) – History

EPS-­QEOD  Travel  Grant  Student  Awards  will be  attributed  on  behalf  of  the  European  Physical  Society   through its Quantum Electronics and Optics Division (QEOD) and Young Minds Action Committee in order to attend Nanometa-2022 conference. The Awards   consisting   of   travel   grants   are   given   to   PhD   Students   wishing   to   attend an EPS-QEOD sponsored conference and whose scientific contribution in optics and photonics is of the highest quality. The goal of this award is to help talented young scientists to contribute to EPS-QEOD sponsored European conferences in optics by taking in charge part of their expenses to the conference. Nanometa-2024 is eligible for theses Awards.

The grants are awarded to PhD Students having not yet defended their thesis at the dates of the QEOD-sponsored conference. Recipients must have an accepted oral or poster contribution at the conference.
Only one grant is awarded per person and per research group. Applicants from developing countries usually receive a particular attention.

The ceremony is scheduled to take place on the last conference day during the closing ceremony.

Terms of the Travel Grant Student Awards:

  • 3 grants available for the Nanometa conference.
  • Each award will be accompanied by a certificate and a monetary sum. The monetary sum is 500 € for a PhD Student working in a European country or 1000 € for a PhD Student working outside Europe.
  • All PhD Students wishing to attend the conference are invited to apply. Only thesis students can apply, doctoral positions are not accepted.
  • Applications have to be done by using the online system for EPS conference submissions, where a special item points to the EPS-QEOD Travel Grant Student Awards.
  • Payment means: Payment will only be done if the awardee is present at the conference. Payment will follow after the conference by bank transfer.

Selection criteria

  • The grants will be awarded to PhD Students having not yet defended their thesis at the dates of the EPS-QEOD sponsored conference. Recipients must have an accepted oral or poster contribution at the conference.
  • Only one grant will be awarded per person and per research group. Applicants from developing countries should receive a particular attention.

Application procedure

  • Applications must be made during the Nanometa online submission system.
  • There, a special item will point to the EPS-QEOD Travel Grant Student Awards.
  • If you are interested in applying, just tick the corresponding box during the on line submission,
  • Then below this item upload a double-page pdf document (.pdf format) detailing

 Page 1:
     (i) your name, surname, date of birth,
     (ii) your complete affiliation,
     (iii) the title and the 35-word abstract of your contribution,
     (iv) starting date of the PhD studies and expected date of the PhD defense,
     (v) your list of publications limited to the five most significant articles.

Page 2:
    (vi) a support letter of the supervisor.

EPS Individual Member (IM) Travel Grants

The EPS makes a limited number of travel grants available to EPS Individual Members. Grants are awarded to early career researchers. The amount given is 350€. To apply please follow this link


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